Students are to abide by the rules and regulations of the school. Admission of the candidate will stand cancelled if he/she fails to attend class within first ten days from the date of beginning of the session. Students are required to attend class regularly. As per CBSE rules students must have a minimum of 75% attendance to qualify for appearing in the examination conducted during the session.

In case of absence, students are required to submit an application duly signed by parents/guardians. In case of absence owing to illness students are required to submit application, only signed by parent/guardian along with a medical certificate. No furniture is to be removed from the classroom. Plucking of flowers and fruits is prohibited. Silence is to be maintained during class hours. Students are not permitted to meet visitors during school hours. Students are required to maintain good conduct and discipline. Violation of school rules and regulations make a student liable for disciplinary action. Students are not supposed to carry/bring their cell phones or any valuable items to school. School shall not be responsible for the loss of any valuable goods brought to school by any student. It is compulsory for each and every parent/guardian to attend parent teacher meeting organized in the school, so that they may aware of the progress of their ward. Progress reports shall be shown to parents only and to no one else i.e brother/sister/relative/tutor on report card day. Report cards shall not be shown in any situation besides/after the date assigned as report card day.

The school authorities have the right to remove/restigate any student for any of the the following reasons:
Immoral behavior.Habitual disregard shown to the school authorities, Teachers or the school rules.Poor Academic performance. Short attendance.Reported dishonesty and use of unfair means during examination.Failure in class for two consecutive years.Non payment of school fees for more than 2 months.Unfair demand for promotion/attendance etc. by the parents/guardians.Rude behavior of parent/guardian with any authority/staff member of the school.

Rules Of Conduct

Girls with short hair should wear hair bands and those with shoulder length hair should make pony with elastic band and girls have long hair should plait their hair with an elastic band.Finger nails must be short and kept clean.Students must reach school at least fifteen minutes before the school bell rings. Bringing of Cell phones to school is strictly prohibited, if found carrying or using it within the school premises cell phone will be seized by the school administration. The length of hair of boys should not be more than one inch. Low waist pants are also not permitted. Pant bottom should be 17 inches. It is compulsory for all students to come in proper school uniform and if the student still does not come to school in proper uniform he/she will not be allowed to attend classes. Since it is a co-educational school, it is expected from the student to observe a high standard of character . Use of vulgar and filthy language is punishable offence, shouting and whistling is not allowed in the school.Firing crackers, splashing color, defacing and damaging school building and property, bringing of sharp instruments to school are punishable offence and it could result in suspension or expulsion of the student from the school.