There is nothing more important in EDUCATION than the development of CHARACTER because INTELLECT without character is a disaster.

– Dr. Barkha Gupta “Principal, ABG Gurukulam”

As the Principal of the school, I am deeply honored and privileged to be part of a vibrant educational community, where every participant is a dedicated seeker of knowledge, and each day presents an opportunity for exploration and enlightenment. We perceive ourselves as a collective of eager minds, where learning is not confined to students alone, but extends to our esteemed faculty, devoted parents, and diligent staff members. I am steadfast in my commitment to upholding rigorous standards and unwaveringly dedicated to enhancing the educational journey through collaborative efforts, all while steadfastly focusing on the advancement of our students. Our faculty adeptly employs two distinct yet complementary approaches-love and logic to cultivate a nurturing and conducive learning atmosphere for all our learners. While love fosters trusting relationships, instilling a sense of respect, appreciation, and affection within our student-teacher dynamic, logic equips our students with essential life skills such as personal responsibility, self-control, sound decision-making abilities, self-assurance, and the cultivation of character imbued with moral integrity. The educational journey of your child is intricately woven into a robust partnership between home and school. We firmly believe that a strong alliance between us ensures optimal growth and development for your child. While the information provided here may address some of your queries, we recognise the invaluable role of social interaction in the learning process. Thus, we wholeheartedly encourage you to engage with us directly for a more comprehensive understanding. I eagerly anticipate our collaboration as we endeavour to foster a school environment where parents are embraced with open arms, students are actively engaged in meaningful learning experiences, and our dedicated staff members are revered and acknowledged for their unwavering dedication.